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CEO's Message

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The Hon. Finance Minister, Shri Arun Jaitley in the Budget of 2014-15 announces a sustained growth of 7-8 percent or above within the next 3-4 years. There is an urgent need to generate more resources to fuel the economy. Education / skill development is central to the human resources development and empowerment in any country. The current rate of economic growth of the country demands technically and professionally trained man power in large numbers.

In this backdrop, loans for education & skill are seen as investments for economic development and prosperity. As the focus is on development of human capital, repayment of the loan is expected to come from future earnings of the student after completion of education hence a lot of bank have apprehensions in approving Education & skill development loan .

We at NCGTC come in the picture and generate an encouraging environment for the bank to give away these loans confidently. It would skill the youth with an emphasis on employability and entrepreneur skills. It will also provide training and support for traditional professions like welders, carpenters, cobblers, masons, blacksmiths, weavers etc.

The main emphasis is that a meritorious student, though poor, is provided with an opportunity to pursue education with the financial support from the banking system with affordable terms and conditions.

We also have a system of seamless approval of guarantees for any education loan / skill development loan by any bank branch located anywhere through an efficient IT-based B2B business model and a HELPLINE which will address all the queries and concerns of students and SME.

Allow me to assure this country that NCGTC along with Govt. of India has taken up the challenge in the right earnest and we shall leave no stone unturned in creating a vibrant and strong India.